Daily Valuation

An increasing number of employers are choosing to offer daily valued plans in which the plan participants may access account information 24 hours a day via the Internet. These plans are referred to as ‘daily valued’ because the share prices of the mutual funds in the plan are updated on a daily basis. Transactions including contributions, distributions, and investment transfers are processed at the time actually executed, so employee accounts are current at the end of every day*. The employee has the ability to access the following options:

  • Account balance information, by dollars and/or shares
  • Ability to transfer amounts between mutual funds
  • Investment performance information
  • Other general information, such as frequency of payroll or who to contact for plan information
  • Prepare Summary of Material Modifications or new Summary Plan Descriptions for employees

All other aspects of a daily valued plan are the same as any other defined contribution plan. Our daily valuation system can support multiple mutual funds options and is available to qualified employers and advisors.

* Subject to timing delays associated with wire transfers and trading time associated with mutual funds.